Moringa oleifera, a powerhouse for seniors

Due to its optimal nutrients and vital substance content together with regular exercise, early aging and all associated suffering, like declining mental performance (concentration, reaction ability, memory capacity, etc.) prevents Moringa, physical fitness (strength, endurance, etc.), osteoporosis, deterioration of vision, etc. The often occurring at the age decreased joint mobility by inflammation (arthritis) can significantly ameliorated by the proven anti-inflammatory properties of Moringa, are in many cases even prevented.


In short: A-enriched with Moringa food is a must for all those who still want to enjoy their life in old age.


All vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids that are needed just in old age are included in Moringa and help with that man can still feel fit and healthy even in old age.


Important in this age are vitamins A, B, C and E, the minerals calcium, iron and potassium, amino acids and trace elements. Thus, the brain cells are also at this age constantly activated, a good oxygen transport is very important.