Pregnant and lactating mothers

Moringa oleifera is also called in the Philippines' Mothers Best Friend ".


Many people in Africa and other parts of the world have wondered often if the good Lord created Moringa oleifera just for women. Pregnant and lactating women need nutrients and vitalststoffreiche food to meet the needs of pregnancy and an adolescent infant needs. The leaves and fruits of Moringa oleifera carry the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids as a "powerhouse" in itself and not only ensure that enough breast milk is formed, but also improve the quality significantly.


One Fuglie study conducted in 2001, which was attended by pregnant and lactating women who consumed Moringablätter daily, yielded the following results: The infants had a higher birth weight and better overall health. The participating women showed no signs of anemia (lack of red blood cells). Nursing mothers produced more milk.


Another study in 2004 carried out in Osmak (Philippines) at the hospital Makati involving 223 pregnant women at the showed that women who 3 x 2 capsules Moringapulver received daily 4 weeks before childbirth, three times more milk produced than that of the control group. Also entered in the test group, the secretion of milk much earlier. Even the birth weight was significantly higher than in the control group.


If Moringa leaf powder is taken in addition during pregnancy, the healthy growth of the infant is supported and the lactation of the mother is reinforced. About the organism of the mother and later the mother's milk the child can already accommodate many important vitamins and minerals in addition. Particularly worthy of mention here are the amino acids contained in the plant arginine and histidine, from the body of the baby itself in the growth phase can not be produced in sufficient quantities, which are nonetheless essential for the healthy immune system and development.