Middle-aged women

People aged 40 and over, particularly women, need more vitamins and minerals. A woman's body begins at this age to convert hormonally. Moringa supports this process and helps women not only balanced, but also to stay healthy and attractive.



Moringa protects women against iron deficiency and its consequences, such as tiredness, fatigue and general weakness, due to its high content of available calcium and also before the dreaded osteoporosis. The scientific community agrees that the depression often occur during menopause could be often reduced or resolved by good dietary supplement.

The high content of vitamin C has a positive effect on the Immunsysteem and makes the blood vessels strong. The bio-flavonoids counteract heat waves and the high Vitamin E content ensures that the lining of the vagina is not dry.


Strong bones:

In menopause also often goes back bone density and can cause osteoporosis.

In this period the body needs not only a lot of calcium because the body otherwise takes away the calcium from the bones and teeth, but also many accompanying substances which detoxify the body and promote calcium absorption.

Moringa with its high calcium content is the ideal solution, because the calcium from Moringa is well received in contrast to the most calcium products through the body.



Deficiencies in food provoke deficiencies in the hormone system.

Depression can be corrected with dietary supplements then often. Again, Moringa do much good for women. Moringa also contains a lot of magnesium and especially with nervousness and mood swings is often a lack of magnesium in front. Also, magnesium is very helpful in calf cramps that may occur from the age of 40 more frequently.