Disease and cancer prevention

What many have long been suspecting, namely that the food that we eat is critical to our health, is increasingly occupied by science. Only it is a pity that it takes years, in most cases, until such findings see the light.


A study in the 90s by Professor Dan Burke conducted at the University of Aberdeen:

As Burke joined the University of Leicester, he met Prof. Gerry Potter, and both wondered if the show does not happen "anti-cancer" effect also in nutrients because the body occur daily is estimated that up to 1,000 cancer cells are mostly broken down quickly and efficiently and do not lead to tumor formation. When Burke & Potter started to look for foods that inhibit tumor growth or prevent tumorigenesis. In 2002 the researchers published their results and now discovered more than 20 phytochemicals with anticancer effects, which occur mainly in fruits, vegetables, herbs and even in Moringa.

The often bitter and pungent phytochemicals, which for a tumor-inhibiting effects are mainly in question are often Mr. outbred by the food industry of the vegetables to eg - To give the vegetable a "better" taste - like Brussels sprouts. Even fruit juices and oils are removed from the bitter substances for reasons of taste. In addition, the plants are no longer encouraged as a result of the use of pesticides and fertilizers to form phytochemicals desirably amount.

Moringa contains large quantities of bitter substances and mustard oil that is reminiscent of the taste of horseradish.

Burke and Potter came to the conclusion that the food today contains 80-90% less phytonutrients than was the case 50 or 100 years ago and that only biologically or untreated grown vegetables and fruits contain such an important anti-cancer phytonutrients.


Increased supply of secondary plant compounds: After Burke and Potter, it is essential for a better protection against cancers, the body through consumption of fruits, vegetables and herbs organically grown feed more secondary plant substances.


Although Moringa is a tree that already has grown for thousands of years at the foot of the Himalayas and the Ayurveda, Moringa can already boast to be a plant that can prevent more than 300 diseases, however scientists have discovered the wonderful properties of Moringa oleifera only a few years ago ,

Since then, diligent research into new applications of Moringa oleifera, and there are now in the poorest regions of the world many projects of charities that distribute Moringa for free.

Through the earlier colonization of the Moringa tree, it has evolved over the last century and spread over the whole earth and its growing extremely well today in the regions where it is most needed.