Moringa Oleifera for athletes


Athletes and sports are among the people who have to do a lot of day to get your condition and competitive position. Not only daily training, but also a balanced diet is that great mystery to many victories. Moringa increases the overall performance, prevents premature fatigue and brings more stamina.


Moringa provides more power: The human body differentiates between natural and synthetic foods. Moringa leaf powder, oil and seeds are 100% natural foods and provide the body with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, iron and many other valuable pulps.


These natural, bio-contractual nutrients present in Moringa products in large quantities and are unlike synthetically produced food, completely absorbed by our body and converted into energy.


Moringa provides greater endurance: The high content of vitamins A and C, along with the extremely high percentage of iron, Moringa supports Heamaglobinwerte in the blood. This gives the blood, the possibility to transport more moment during oxygen by red blood cells to the muscles of the sport.


Moringa ensures a healthy and stable circulation, the high amount of calcium and proteins help build muscle tissue and make it strong.


Moringa as an antioxidant: The high antioxidant activity of vitamin C and vitamin E Moringa protects cells and cell tissue during physical exertion, thus supporting the body in his performances.


Moringa has proven way 46 Antioxidant and is one of the main natural sources of antioxidant.