Moringa has an incredibly positive effect in animals.

Of course, the dosage is according to the weight and size of the animal and this will need to be adjusted.


In the most recent findings, many diseases are diet-related. This applies not only in human but also in veterinary medicine. A good balanced diet is as important as loving care for your animals.


Animals need a lot of protein (proteins). Livestock feed mainly vegetarian. They work hard daily for us men, and therefore need a lot of protein. To get this, they eat a lot of grass, leaves, grains and other green stuff.

Due to the continuous rise in global livestock production (10% per annum) larger quantities are always needed of fishmeal, thereby increasing the prices of fish products throughout the world and many people are threatened with starvation.

Due to its high protein content Moringablätter is a good alternative to fishmeal, especially herbivores thus obtain a more natural diet. Cows get Moringablätter as a food additive, giving up to 30% more milk per day.


Moringa is suitable for cats and dogs: Moringa is an excellent dietary supplement for pets as they contain all the vital nutrients and biologically highly available in the form they need.


Moringa reduces stress levels, long-lasting energy generated, relaxes the body and calms sustainable existing hyperactivity. Helps for example against viral diseases in dogs (such as leukemia and Feline) and immunodeficiency, produces a shiny coat, leads to good digestion by enzymes, produces a healthy intestinal flora, helps against worms and mites, against osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, hip dysplasia (HD) receives the vision and strengthens the teeth.


Especially pregnant and lactating animals will need an extra dose of natural nutrients. Moringa can increase the secretion of milk of the dams and improve milk quality. Juveniles who received Moringa supplementary feed, are known to be healthy, strong and durable and come with a higher birth weight.

Healthy Baby animals make much more joy.