Moringa Oleifera

The most nutritious plant on earth!

Famous as a "miracle tree" Moringa Oleifera is the most nutritious plant on Earth with 90 of the most important nutrients, natural proteins, antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K-Series, minerals, Omega 3, 6 and 9, trace elements and 18 of the 20 essential amino acids that are needed for a powerful immune system and a healthy life.

Pure Vitamin bomb

Vitamins are essential for the maintenance of metabolic processes in the human organism. But most vitamins can not be produced by the body itself, but must be supplied through the diet in sufficient quantities.


More than 700 scientific studies have confirmed the miracle of the highly concentrated nutrient content of Moringa compared with 1,000 other foods.

10 x more Vitamin C then red grapes

9 x more natural proteinsthen then yogurt

8x more polyphenol then red wine

4x more vitamin A then carrots

4x more vitamin E then wheat seedlings

4x more wheat then oats

4x more calcium then cow milk

3x more potassium then bananas

3x more iron content then almonds and spinach

2x more Magnesium then brown millet

The immune system is strengthened by the ingestion of these essential nutrients for the body against allergies, colds and other infections. Moringa is said to cure over 300 diseases and may reduce allergy-related diseases by up to 70%, according to a study by the Health Institute Germany.

16,3mg by


2,64mg by


20,5mg by


0,8mg by


17,3mg by


113mg by


Rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids

Moringa tablets contain a very high amount of omega 3, 6 and 9 unsaturated fatty acids.

These essential fatty acids are essential for life, but the body can not produce these itself Therefore, they must be taken in by food.

This is a good source of EPA and DHA cancer lignans. In addition, they call for the production of hormones, the moisture and elasticity of the skin and hair, and the efficient cell metabolism.

Natural Anti-Aging

As a highly effective anti-oxidant, Moringa contains 1,000 times the messenger Zeatin than other plants, for the rapid transport of all nutrients in the blood.


Moringa contains large amounts of green chlorophyll, the light energy of the plant. Zeatin inhibits the breakdown of chlorophyll, thus the nutrients are preserved long. Zeatin is a growth hormone and is used in cosmetics for skin care because of the ability to scavenge free radicals. Cell division is reduced, thereby slowing the aging process.

For external use we recommend the moringa seed oil (Behenöl)

In all metabolic processes of the organism, free radicals, these include the cause of the aging process of all living beings.

They damage the DNA and RNA of human cells. The cells are to neutralize even in a position free radicals. But for this chemical reaction you need antioxidants.

Moringa Oleifera provides a very high amount of antioxidants, thus helping the cells to make free radicals harmless.

When taking the recommended daily dose of raw Moringa (ca.5g or 2x7 tablets) you cover with 3500 ORAC units already more than the recommended minimum intake of anti-oxidants.

The Nr. 1 of the Proteins

Proteins are composed of amino acids. The body needs it for building muscle. In addition, they provide energy for the human body.

Moringa contains all 10 essential amino acids:


Arginine - Histidine - Lysine - Tryptophan - Phenylalanine - Methionine

Threonine - Leucine - Isoleucine - Valine

They are not produced by the body and must be absorbed by the food.


Moringa is the No. 1 when comparing the richest protein plants in the world. Moringa tablets and Moringa powder contain 27% pure vegetable protein, so are ideal dietary supplement for vegetarians / vegans, and especially for athletes and bodybuilders who have a high demand for proteins and all essential nutrients.

Moringa contains:

  • 2x more protein than soy
  • The same amount of protein such as eggs

Natural minerals

Minerals are vital inorganic nutrients. They are indispensable in human metabolism for different circumstances, anabolic and catabolic processes. The organism can not manufacture them itself and must get enough out of the food in sufficient quantity.


Moringa Oleifera contains the 12 following minerals:

8,68 mg by 100g

3650 mg by 100g

49 mg by 100g

300 mg by 100g

0,825 mg by 100g

500 mg by 100g

1500 mg by 100g

630 mg by 100g

164 mg by 100g

36,3 mg by 100g

3,103 mg by 100g

4,993 mg by 100g


Moringa contains large quantities of bitter substances and mustard oil that is reminiscent of the taste of horseradish. Modern agriculture has increasingly bred the bitter substances from our food, our ancestors have 60% more bitter than we assumed nowadays. Bitter substances are important for formation of the digestive acids to maintain a healthy intestinal flora and to prevent digestive problems.

Many Moringa connoisseurs can go back to normal on the toilet.


The natural nutrients excrete bacteria, fungi and viruses from the body. In addition, Moringa is very High in fiber. Therefore, there is an improved intestinal flora, which can have a positive effect on bowel movements.


The Moringa seed powder can also be used for water disinfection, because the powder coagulated with heavy metals and bacteria, which then sink to the bottom.

Moringa batter can be stuck into the ground before planting seedlings as this can reduce root and seedling diseases such as Pythium fungi.

Why Moringa from Malawi ?

Our Moringa is examined regularly in German laboratories.Only with impeccable results, our products go on sale.

Use of the Moringa tree

Moringa is used in many parts of Africa and Asia not only as a medicinal plant, but also as a food . Nearly all components of the tree can be eaten.


The plant is native to India and was spread by people around the world in equatorial countries. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans appreciated the Moringa tree a lot.

Research and studies

The plant attracts by its diversity, characteristics and effects more and more attention and is in the Western world increasingly well-known and popular.

Source of reference

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