Malawi Moringa Team

The distribution channels of our products may be slightly different, but they all have the same goal: the people and the nature in which we live, to pay attention and support. The financial profit helps to achieve positive changes to the people in Malawi.


-Simeon Zuberbühler-

Owner and founder of Malawi Moringa

Executive / Marketing / Sales Europe and Africa

Employees in Switzerland


-Jenny Van Velthoven-

Co-founder of Malawi Moringa

Executive board member / Administration / Logistics


-Fabrice Ettlin-

Graphic artist

Graphics / Consultant



-Jaqueline Cardano-

Google Qualified AdWords Specialist


-Elwira Kühne-

Food consulant / trainer

                                                                  Employees in Holland


-Ron Klemann-



Employees in Malawi


-Joshua Mbozole-

Founder of the charity project "Tikondwe"

Head of Malawi-Moringa - Malawi

Marketing / Sales / Production -  Malawi


-Errobe Mbozole-

Line Moringaplantage



In May 2012, we called our project in Malawi "Moringa for all" with the Tikondwe charitable organization. Thanks to the sale of Moringa products through the Web Site and resellers as well as locally, Malawi families have enough food every day and can send their children to school. Ascending For ...



Our project is supported by the WHO Weltgesundheits0rganisation.



Increased collaboration with Andy Monaghan

In 2012, Andy was already working with the project – Tikondwe. Since then he has been working with a government school in the same area. This school caters for over 1000 children and was in need of much help! He is doing an amazing job managing the project and has so many fantastic ideas to help make the school one of the best in Malawi.


For details on our project, see "Matandani School"


We want to remunerate the work done our producers generously. They are the source of knowledge of our products. We are all equal and should not harm us mutually. On the contrary, by working together we have been able to achieve so much - and enjoy! was founded with the idea of ​​offering only the best and only natural products. Only the really healthy to make us healthy. Unfortunately, these are becoming increasingly rare - we want to counteract!

Looking for Experienced partners for Moringa Products

We, selling Moringa products. This Moringa grows as a wild growth in Malawi, so do not be grown as a monoculture. These products are then processed in Holland and marketed in Switzerland. Whether as a dietary supplement, seasoning, oil or food, etc. are open to many distribution channels. For the distribution, we are looking for experienced, independent partners in different areas. So we can imagine a shop as well as an evening sale at private customers. Furthermore, there is the possibility of selling to retailers - eg Retirement homes, sports and fitness centers, as well as drugstores and pharmacies ...

We are looking in Switzerland and Europe.