We support 2 different projects which are geographically close and based on each other, but are guided by different people. We are happy to show you our projects.

1. The "Tikondwe" Hilfswerk

2. The Matandani School

1.“Tikondwe” charity project, Zomba, southern Malawi

By purchasing Malawi-Moringa products you support the "Tikondwe“ charity project in Malawi, Africa. Simeon Zuberbühler, the owner of Malawi-Moringa, works in close cooperation with Joshua Mbozole, the director of the Tikondwe project. Since 2012, Malawi-Moringa has helped Tikondwe to support local Moringa harvesters and to construct an orphanage and several community schools, which provide free pre-school education and nutritious meals to local children. Malawi-Moringa’s help to Tikondwe includes sponsoring teaching professionals from Europe to volunteer at the schools and donating proceeds from your purchase of Malawi-Moringa products in Switzerland.

Joshua founded Tikondwe in Domasi, in southern Malawi, to help his community develop in meaningful and sustainable ways. Domasi is a poor, rural area of Malawi. As a nation, Malawi’s 16.5 million people generated just $224 per person in gross domestic product (GDP) in 2014, and Domasi’s per capita GDP is lower still. Poor families in Domasi need meaningful development projects to help them build the prosperity that their kind hearts and work ethic deserve.

Domasi, like Malawi as a whole, suffers from a very high mortailty rate from HIV-AIDS. UNICEF estimates that up to 1,100,000 Malawians are afflicted by HIV-AIDS. A frightening number. Not surprisingly, 50% of deaths in Malawi are due to AIDS. These deaths disproprtionately affect poor, rural provinces, like Domasi. This huge death rate has left 1,000,000 orphans in its wake.

Tikondwe is located on the lush green Domasi plateau, in the shadow of the 2,087-meter high Zomba mountains. In partnership with Malawi-Moringa, Tikondwe has constructed seven community schools, helping hundreds of children (including many orphans) to improve their lives sustainably. Tikondwe also helps other under-served groups to improve their life opportunities, especially women, HIV patients, and those who require emergency medical care. Malawi-Moringa and Tikondwe work with local organizations like Priority Care, Seeds of Hope, and Nsangeni to help these groups.


From producer to consumer, everyone should benefit from Moringa.

  • Simeon Zuberbühler (left), founder and owner of Malawi-Moringa Switzerland
  • Joshua Mbozole (center), founder of Tikondwe and head of Malawi-Moringa - Malawi
  • Jenny van Velthoven (right), co-founder of Malawi-Moringa Switzerland

Tikondwe schools and programmes

The Tikondwe team’s exemplary work has significantly increased the availability and quality of first-aid care, child-ambulance services, and HIV-AIDS prevention work. Tikondwe works with a nurse and a midwife from the local hospital and its work encompasses projects that endeavor to create community-level programs harmonized with the government‘s national health system, youth education, and resource management to promote self-employment. In the newly built orphanage houses, which caters mostly children who lost their parents to AIDS, adds to Tikondwe‘s promotion of education and sports, and also provides free and nutritious meals to these deserving youngsters.

These are the seven schools that Tikondwe has built already. The children are very thankful.

The Education Center

The Education Center is for the Tikondwe teachers and various local working groups, such as the Women's Group, which promotes the autonomy of women.

Workers are picking sprawl Moringa

Tikondwe lives on donations, voluntares from around the world, and the support of Malawi-Moringa. Do you want to help by buying the below Moringa products, or by sending a donation directly to Tikondwe, Matandani school or Malawi-Moringa Switzerland?

Products from the Fund Tikondwe:

  • Moringa tablets 150g
  • Moringa tablets 300g
  • Moringa-leaf powder 150g
  • Moringa-leaf powder 300g

Where is Tikondwe?

Tikondwe impressions

2. Matandani School

2014 we have also started to support Matandani Primary School, the local government-run school in Domasi.

At Matandani we are partnering with Andy Monaghan, an Irish primary-school teacher who has worked with Matandani since 2013. Andy, working along side Matandani’s committed staff, has expanded the number of classrooms and sports facilities, revolutionised the school’s IT capacity, and transformed the school’s teaching culture. These efforts are beginning to bear fruit: the number of Matandani students qualifying to attend secondary school doubled this year. We will, with the other funding partners already committed to Andy’s project, collaborate increasingly with Andy to boost these results even higher.

Take a look at the progress that has been made so far: www.matandani.com.


Simeon Zuberbühler and Jenny van Velthoven, founders of Malawi-Moringa Switzerland, started working with Andy in 2012. All three teamed up to volunteer with the Tikondwe project that summer. The following year, Andy expanded his volunteer work to Matandani, the primary school which all of Tikondwe’s pre-school students attend from the age of five. By supporting Matandani, we are extending the depth of our support to Tikondwe students.

Matandani faces significant challenges. The biggest of these challenges is the huge number of students that attend Matandani. Currently, just sixteen teachers teach almost 1,200 students. Two teachers are assigned to each of eight year groups, but because there are currently only eight classrooms only one teacher at a time can teach each class.

In the youngest (and biggest) class, this means that one teacher can be teaching up to 222 students! Malawi-Moringa is helping to fund the construction of new classrooms so that each class can be split into two and all teachers can teach smaller classes simultaneously.

In addition to adding classroom space, Andy aims to obtain a full range of IT equipment for Matandani; train staff on all of this new equipment; upgrade the school’s sports facilities; connect all classrooms to mains electricity; liven up the school campus with coloured paint, posters, and flowering plants; and add additional toilet facilities.

If you want to join us in helping Matandani School and support Andy’s work directly, please take a look at the project’s website: www.matandani.com.


Alis, the Artist




Not only the big projects we want to support special we want individuals to offer our help or take your service to complete.

This is Ali, a gifted artist. He makes thank-you cards for us.







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